About Ringier Africa

What We Do

Ringier Africa operates and is an investor in the leading classifieds and media groups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ringier entered the African market in 2011 with a clear focus on capitalizing on the massive digital potential of the market. Few years later, Ringier Africa is operating the leading classifieds group ROAM (Ringier One Africa Media) and is involved in media through its investment in Pulse. We have operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia and our brands have achieved notable success and market leader positions in these markets.
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Pulse is Africa's integrated media group. We combine leading proprietary and partner media assets with cutting-edge data insights and marketing and digital solutions to serve our users and advertisers optimally with news, entertainment, video, social engagement and immersive, 360 degree digital, creative and marketing experiences. Pan-African brands and licenses in the group include Pulse, Business Insider and Men's Health/Women's Health. Additionally, a dedicated creative department with Pulse Marketing and Pulse Studio completes the support for clients to reach 100s of millions of users.





ROAM is Africa's marketplaces group. We bring together people on our platforms who are at crucial decision points in three of their most important events of their life.

Whether it is buying a car, buying a house, or finding your next job – our platforms empower each individual to find the best possible. Pan-African brands in the group include Jobberman, Brighter Monday and Cheki.









We plan on continuing our physical expansion into more Sub-Saharan nations within the next years and are already running projects across the continent. As in other markets, Ringier partners with some of the best people and companies in Africa for shared success. Besides our own love-brands, Pulse, Jobberman, Cheki, Private Property, RDM and more, we for example represent the international publishers Business Insider and Men's/Women's Health in Sub-Saharan African. For partnership/sales interests, please get in touch via info@ringier.africa. 

Ringier first set foot in Nigeria, Africa’s largest market, in 2012. Built on Swiss technology Ringier is producing innovative mass-reach digital products like the country’s leading news and entertainment publisher Pulse and international license brands like Business Insider. The marketplaces Jobberman, Cheki and Private Property are facilitating trade and connections in the largely informal economy. Operating in Africa’s largest economy, our local teams bring innovative mobile-first solutions to multinational companies, local champions and SMEs alike. 

Ringier Africa set up its second offices in Ghana in 2011 and is now running specifically tailored products under pan-African brands for the market - like the leading new media publisher Pulse and international license brands. Marketplaces like Jobberman and Cheki are adapted to cater specifically to local customs in trade and employment.

Kenya was the first African country for Ringier to start its business in 2011 on the continent. With a team of highly talented, experienced and hard working professionals the company runs its rising new media publisher Pulse under the adapted name Pulse Live from Kenya for the whole East African region. On the classifieds side, ROAM is connecting people through classifieds in all verticals and a horizontal marketplace. 

Ringier Senegal acts as a gateway to francophone West Africa. Serving the growing middle-class and helping to professionalise and structure the overall market environment for professionals of all kinds, the company runs Senegal’s largest classifieds platforms.

As of August 2014 Ringier Africa is active in Tanzania through the acquisition of ZoomTanzania.com - now through ROAM including additional brands. With a highly entrepreneurial local team, ZoomTanzania is running and continuously scaling one of the largest websites in East Africa’s fast-developing market of 50 million people. 

Ringier Africa entered the promising Ugandan market in 2016/2017 with its new media publisher Pulse Live of RADP. It aims to provide the market with information and entertainment from its African-wide network. With ROAM it is now also represented in the market through its cars and employment classifieds platforms.

Ivory Coast is our second market in francophone Africa. 

Ringier is present in Ethiopia with the classifieds brand Qefira.